What's up, betch!

Meet the Artist

The name is Courtney, the pronouns are She/her/hers.

A few of my favorite things: Coffee, sloths, books, sarcasm, bad puns, and my cats...

Okay that was more than a few things.


Made in the USA

I outsource my printing to companies within the US. Most being other small businesses

Created with love and a dash of sass

I create all my designs with my customer base in mind. Most of my customers are the girls, gays, and theys... however, I also create with love and sass in my heart and mind.

Fast Shipping

Let me honest, I have ADHD. I sometimes forget to check on orders. But if that happens, you will receive a free sticker for my happy little accident.

Giving back

At the end of each month, if SPD has profit, we donate to LGBTQIA+ or mental health organizations. If any of my peeps that order have an organization they would want SPD to donate to, leave it in your order!

Support squad

Meet the voids

Abigail: (top void in image) she's my silent gal. But always down for an odd belly rub and cuddles. Cuddles usually happen while I am designing.

Raelle: (bottom void in image) is my wild child. She has been on the brink of death and survived. She is my talker and loves to sass mom. Also gets in my face while my iPad is in my lap.

Answering yo questions

do you sell in person?

Yes, I do. I'm not currently in any storefronts selling wholesale, however, I do markets, cons, and fairs to sell my products IRL.

where you at, gurl?

I am based out of Falls Church, Virginia. Also known as NOVa. I'm close to Washington, D.C. and might branch into Maryland markets.

Do you do Custom pieces?

Yes! I do commission work starting at $30 and up depending on what is requested.

how do you ship?

SPD will first pack your order with care. Then we will send it via USPS. Once it is in their hands, I have no control of what happens.

More Questions?

Contact us. We will get to you within 48-72 hours.